Picture 243

There are secrets here, there are secrets there, there secrets everywhere.

What is the science of imagery? To answer this I shall use a quote from Vladimir Megré’s, Co-creation, and my reason is that, it resonate with me. I am hoping that it will also resonate with you, because you cannot understand what you do not resonate with.

Here goes. ” It is a science that allows man to accelerate his thought and think in terms of images, to grasp  the whole of the Universe at once and penetrate a microcosm, to create invisible yet still living substance-images and use them to control a large community of people. Through the help of this science a multitude of religions came about. One who had even the slightest knowledge of it possessed incredible power, and was able to conquer countries, and topple kings from their thrones.” This was Anastasia’s reply to Vladimir when he asked the question, “What kind of science is it, and what does it consist of…..”.

Let’s muse on this a while. Catch you later☀️


Written by Earth-G
Earth-G is an Independent Business Owner with Sunrider International. He has decades of experience in the health industry, and he practices what he preach. Earth-G is also a professional actor, singer, dancer. He taught dance at the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden for over eight years from the 80s through to the 90s. Earth-G's philosophy is based on the four basic absolutes in life: There is only Existence, in and for itself. We are all of the One, and of of the All. What you put in is what you get out. The above three remains the same,but everything must change!